Jasmine Mangalaseril is a Canadian freelance food writer. Her work often focuses on contemporary urban Canadian foodways including the restaurant and hospitality industry, the influence of immigration and global cuisines on local food, and food history.

A promiscuous eater who has a way with words, she’s described as quick-witted and insightful. Her work has appeared in canadianliving.com, foodnetwork.ca, pbs.com. She’s a freelance restaurant reviewer and food writer for the Waterloo Region Record. Her World of Food column for Grand Magazine (2018-2023) focussed on the intersection of immigration, memory and food. She was one of a handful who pioneered food blogging in Canada. She is an alumna of the Association of Food Journalists.

As a public speaker and lecturer, she speaks about social media and food, global cuisines and culinary communications. She has spoken at BlogHer and to the Canadian Public Relations Society, and was featured by Canadian Press, CanWest News, CBC, foodnetwork.ca, and SRC, as well as culture.ca and delish.com.

When not eating, cooking, or writing about eating or cooking, Jasmine’s a strategic communications consultant and is active in her community. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. You can contact here here.

Jasmine’s sites:

Confessions of a Cardamom Addict (2005-present)

Inkstained Apron (2018-present)

Rye & Ginger (2016-present)

How do you pronounce Jasmine’s surname?

It’s all short vowels, with the stresses on the first and fourth syllables:

  • Manga (as in Japanese comics, or mango (but with a short “a” at the end))
  • la (as in do re mi…)
  • seril (rhymes with barrel)