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Appearances & Events


  • 23 January: Moderator. Rest For Restaurants: Psychological Safety. Kitchener, Ontario.


  • 05 October: Culinary Communications II. Private Event, Kitchener, Ontario
  • 28 September: Culinary Communications I. Private Event, Kitchener, Ontario


  • 17 February: A World in my Kitchen: Kerala cuisine. Waterloo Public Library. Waterloo, Ontario.
  • 19 May: A World in my Kitchen: Syrian cuisine. Waterloo Public Library. Waterloo, Ontario.
  • 12 September: Hunger No More (fundraiser): St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. Kitchener Ontario.
  • 20 October: A World in my Kitchen: Celebrating Diwali. Waterloo Public Library. Waterloo, Ontario.


  • 24 January: How do you cook that?: Recipe writing workshop. Waterloo Public Library. Waterloo, Ontario.
  • 5 October: Cast Iron Chef Competition (judge). Schneider Haus National Historic site. Kitchener, Ontario.
  • 6 December: Sounds of the Season. CBC-KW. Kitchener, Ontario


  • 19 April: Communications ethics and editing workshop. Editors Canada – Hamilton Halton. Burlington, Ontario.


  • 12 October: Private event. Brampton, Ontario.
  • 17 October: Waterloo Reads: The Battle of the Books (champion–no, I didn’t win; that’s what we’re called). Waterloo, Ontario.


  • 04 October: WWI & Waterloo County: Food History Lecture. Conrad Grebel College. Waterloo, Ontario
  • 15 October: AGM Keynote: Rye & Ginger’s 1916 Project. Culinary Historians of Canada. Toronto, Ontario

Media Interviews, features, and mentions