Submit your WRavenous calendar event

What gets listed?

A food- or drink-focused event organised by Waterloo Region’s groups or community associations (or, sometimes the ones just over the Regional boundary).  It can be (but is not limited to):

  • A community event, such as The Baden Corn Fest.
  • A community-focused educational event such as a cooking class or a demonstration, such as those at Doon Pioneer Village.
  • A fundraiser for a local cause (usually a charity), such as the annual BBQ for the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.
  • A multicultural group’s event where food is part of the event, such as the Malayalee Picnic or The KW Greek Food Festival.

Please let me know the following when you submit an event:

  • The event’s : name, date(s), time(s), location and website (or FB event, Eventbrite, etc.) address, entry fee, and 1-2 sentence event description
  • The organising group’s/host’s name, website address and a 1-2 sentence”about the organiser”  (these will be published)

Note: There are plenty of reasons why an event won’t be listed (it’s not in the area, there’s not enough of a food focus, it’s a marketing tool for a for-profit organisation).  If you don’t provide the above, your event may not appear in the calendar.

How to submit an event:

  • Email me at : wravenous[at]inkstainedapron[dot]com
  • Contact me on: Facebook